Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Attn. HDQ:

RE: bra brief

I have successfully destroyed an item of considerable importance to head female of the superstructure after it set off the metal detector I rigged up in sleep. I am certain that the wired device has great significance, as it is worn under her clothing every day.
The evening was quiet, and everyone was preoccupied by their computing devices, allowing me ample alone time in the room called "the closet."  My suspicions have been leading me toward this harness for some time, especially due to the incredible costs involved (apparently female humans spend around $16 billion a year on these contraptions). I quickly chewed it into two separate cups and removed the wired instrument. You can rest assured there will be no more transmissions from Otto Titzling from this superstructure.

Mr. Mustard

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  1. Attn. Clifford:

    RE: Bra Thief

    The art of subterfuge is firmly based upon the premise of anonymity and not being identified, let alone caught. I note with some surprise your identity (and crime) being revealed to the world on another social network after this latest escapade.

    I trust this oversight will not occur again, as your cover is your most important asset in your ongoing mission.