Thursday, June 16, 2011

Attn HQ:

My assignment in the garden is bustling, but here I blossom under the sun, in the air. I am the garden dog. These are MY flowers. As you will learn I am very close to total garden possession.
I make my rounds, around the tomato plant, which is mine.
I stop to smell the flowers, which are mine.
I listen to my flowers, and keep watch over my flowers.
 Pretty soon I will fill all this space with more flowers for me...only me, all for me.
Around some of the larger flower beds Mum and Dad have erected a small fence - enough to deter and Basset Hound, and clear enough for a Golden Retriever to understand, but I am but a wiener dog...just a cute little wiener dog who sometimes loses my way and wanders though the fence.
I've discovered that by using my charm and small brown eyes I am able to avoid reprimand for crossing the garden border.
Soon ALL the garden flowers will be mine.