Friday, March 4, 2011


Moneypenny, let me tell you the secret of the world. Red wine (when you get the chance to stick your nose in a glass), and white  ..cheese. I suspect the many cheese cubes treats we've been given lately were tampered with, but I was able to avoid being made a fool. Claire was not so lucky - in fact I believe she's the only one took the pieces with pills. Gromit and I just ate cheese. It was delightful.

Gromit has been sleeping on the job lately, especially in sunbeams. Chops would not be impressed with Gromit's security tactics, tsk, tsk.
I'm alert though, I'm always on the job. Wherever Mum goes I go. When she moves my eyes move - even if you think I'm sleeping, I'm not..I'm waiting.

I travel, sort of a licensed trouble shooter. By day I attached myself to laps and feet, and stay within the same room as my assignment at all times -even in the bathroom. Especially in the bathroom. Nightly recently, my interest turns to Dad (who comes and goes in his mysterious ways) who I have discovered is easily wooed into a snuggle, then stunned and momentarily paralyzed by my infallibly cold, wet nose. 

Though I was once again dusted with sugar in the kitchen, the Cone-of-Distinction has not returned. 

Mr. Mustard


  1. Cliff --, er, Mr. Mustard, I completely admire your dedication to the job!


  2. The cold, wet nose in the small of the back - let me tell you, it certainly gets my attention!

  3. Interesting... Luna (Cliffords mom) and Kizmet (Cliffords sister) have both been in trouble for stealing red wine, usually merlot or zinfandel. Hmmmmmmm...