Thursday, October 7, 2010

Attn. HDQ:

It has been nearly two weeks since my mission has begun. I am gaining increasing comfort with my surroundings, and have already been able to manipulate much in my favour. The young biped with red fur has been completely persuaded; and while I still sense some hesitation from the long eared one I firmly believe my houndiness will win him over soon.

I was able to keep in my possession a single piece of footwear for an entire two days, allowing me to run diversified testing before returning it to "Mum", who was eternally grateful to have it back.

The assignment to distribute deposits within the chambers of the superstructure have been negated by all three bipeds. None of the transmitters have survived. I will continue to dispatch both forms until I am advised to stop.

Most of my information is sourced during the dark hours when I can curl up as close as possible to the frontal lobes of the ones called "Mum" and "Daddy!" enabling me to absorb acumen that will be most useful for my much anticipated future usurping.

I am somewhat disappointed in the amount of kibbles allotted but I have been able to secure both other sources on an almost daily and so have been able to keep my strength up, amazingly.

I will follow up with administrative details and file another report within a fortnight.

Mr. Mustard

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