Friday, October 29, 2010

Operation Orange

Attn. HDQ:

My mission to examine the machinery of the things called "oranges" was unfortunately nullified at an early stage. As you can see, my progress was coming along well when I was discovered by the one called "Mum".

The capture of the orange was easier than I expected, much like the small green tomatoes in the garden. I was able to seize specimen O-1 when it rolled out of Mum's purse and on to the floor.
The laboratory in the basement, established by Prof. Wensleydale, would have been ideal for further study of the shell of specimen O-1 which I had begun to break into subsections.
The interior of specimen O-1 came as a great surprise. I have noted that the fluids would be ideal for imitation puddles within the superstructure.
You will be notified when I am able to capture another.

Mr. Mustard

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